rev4 released; features 3 new modules and major update

MsTasty 2.0.1 pre-alpha rev4 has just been released.
It now features an rssreader, dnsresolver and a decide-features. How-Tos can be taken from the changelist, which is also available online here.

You can download the latest version of mstasty from our sourceforge site.

written on Thursday, 2. December 2010

AI, MsTasty rev4 and more

Hello there,
we've been working on a few new updates the last time and just wanted to let you know that we are still alive. MsTasty rev4 comes with a few new features and has some structural updates. Release date is set to 25. november, the upcoming thursday.
Also, we've been working on some processes known as AI. Implementing some artificial intelligence into MsTasty would be great and so we are trying to figure out which algorithms fits the best.

Update: As you may have noticed, we did not release rev4 yet. We are still having trouble with some new updates (rev4 features some major updates) and we need some more time. Sorry for that.

written on Monday, 22. November 2010

Update rev3.1


we just fixed a major bug which made it impossible to use MsTasty for longer than the ping timeout from the target server.

- Fixed a bug where the parser would classify the PING from the server as SENDER (and as command), which would cause the bot to disconnect due to ping timeout

It can be downloaded from our sourceforge project site.

written on Sunday, 7. November 2010

Update rev3

We just published a new update of MsTasty2, rev3. It has been uploaded to out sourceforge site. Changes are:

- Set the time_limit to 0 (deactivated) which allows the bot to run longer than the earlier value 160s
- Added a PONG in the main core (no module required)
- Fixed a bug in the parser where prefixed idents (~) won't be recognized (and not ignored)
- Added wildcard binds for $core -> register (i.e. registering !* will match !foo, !bar, registering ! not)
- Added a new function to has_flags and get_rights: $mask can now be the $in['sender'] array returned by the parser, which allows ignoring a ~-ident prefix
- Validated the language files and added new translations to CORE_DE

Updates can be easily applied by just overwriting your old files with the new ones (backup adminlist, chanlist and modules to avoid loss of data)

We also created a new support channel on, called #mstasty.

written on Saturday, 6. November 2010

First pre-alpha release

We have just released the first pre-alpha version, MsTasty2 2.0.1 pre-alpha rev2. You can download it by clicking here or visiting our downloads page. If features modules (can be (un)loaded on-the-fly; bot doesn't need to restart), admin list and a small read me where developers can find information about methods and the module principle. We'd like to get your opinion, please let us know. Bugs or feature requests can be reported by clicking the tracker-link below in the footer section.

written on Thursday, 4. November 2010

Hello World

Hi everybody, this is the brand new sourceforge-powered site for an upcoming project, MsTasty2 - a fully PHP based, modular IRC bot. As we are still in pre-alpha phase, we're just handing this space out to you - it has nothing special yet but content will come when the bot comes. The download for MsTasty2 pre-alpha 2.0.1 will come within the next few days.

The developer team

written on Wednesday, 27. October 2010